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Heya! It's nice to meet you all :3

This is an in-character journal for my In Nomine roleplaying characters, once I get all my icons up I should have quite a few odd characters in circuit. Stuff in brackets is arguably meta in that the character in question won't necessarily make it common knowledge.

From canon-ish In Nomine universe:

Dusk - (Bright Lilim) Servitor of Eli, currently in service to Blandine. (Ex-servitor of Beleth.)

Delaney - Malakite of Gabriel, Vassal of Fire.

Eschafrel - Vessel name(s): Duke(, Alice) - Balseraph Servitor of Andrealphus. (A Fallen Angel who has had two previous superiors. I'll note them here if/when it comes up for the first time in play.)

Vigila - Habbilite Servitor of Baal.

Orama - Tsayadim, Cherubim of Purity. Later, Guardian of Northumbria.

Lacrimus - Outcast Malakite of the Waters

(Choukouka) - Vessel Name: Khaos - Believed to be an Outcast Angel, runs around serving Heaven in his own way.

Dezinformatsya - Vessel Name: Roberta - Powerful servitor of Vapula (aiming for the Word of Corruption). Let's hope Hell have learnt their lesson this time?

I tend to play this lot from a mixture of points in their timelines, but these are the general points I go with.

I also have strange versions of Dusk, Eschafrel and Delaney from an obscure AU version of In Nomine, but I'll let the details of that come up in play.

Of the Superiors, I can do an attempt at most of the canon ones, however I tend to prefer the Archangels (except Marc and Jordi - I can't get my head around them. *wavefist*) Primarily, though, I like this little lot:

Uriel - I play various versions of him ranging from vaguely canon to Dark Malakite.

Dominic - Mostly canon.

Yves - Darker canon.

Eli - Aware-ish of what's going on.

Novalis - Canon.

Gabriel - Mostly Canon.

And on the Demonic side:

Andrealphus - From a somewhat AU where he Fell a lot later than in canon.

Lucifer - Weird AU. Just... weird.

Beleth - Mostly Canon.

But I am up for playing other Superiors and NPCs if needed. I do have a few AU versions involving some of my characters or NPCs becoming Archangels or Demon Princes, but that's another story~
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